The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations

Ecole Boulle

Ecole Boulle is the leading school in France for teaching artistic crafts and applied arts.
The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations place great value on teaching the fine arts, and they aim to help today’s young talents become accomplished artists. The Foundations invite these young artists to deepen their understanding and abilities by taking part in artistic and educational projects.

Ecole Boulle: The marriage of tradition and modernity

Renowned throughout France and Europe, Ecole Boulle is France’s leading school for the study of artistic crafts and applied arts. It is resolutely turned toward the future and committed to teaching and outreach, helping students to build their personal and professional futures. At the beginning of the 21st century, new echoes of classic techniques are being explored thanks to computer technology and modern media, paving the way for novel fields of application. The school’s teaching approach keeps pace with contemporary trends while continuing to uphold high standards of rigor and creativity, making Ecole Boulle a “conservatory for learning technique and a laboratory for innovation.”

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The Foundations encourage openness and creativity for students

Support for travel and learning abroad

The Foundations have provided the impetus for an ambitious program to give scholarships for students to participate in travel for study and discovery during so-called “transplanted” classes. To cite just a few examples: A program in Berlin took space design majors on a discovery of the city’s architecture, while a program in Barcelona allowed students in their final year of applied arts studies to explore the city’s cultural and esthetic wealth. Close collaboration between Ecole Boulle and the Art Academy of Latvia, located in Riga – a new study destination – adopted a workshop approach. French students earning an interior architecture post-graduate degree and Latvian environmental design students worked together in a productive exchange for a hotel design project.

Exceptional exchange with Japan to promote innovation

The Foundations have helped set up an exchange program between Ecole Boulle and Tohoku University, a Japanese art school. Japan is an avant-garde setting for product design, architecture and packaging. The exchange is continuing this year with two additional trips to Japan: one to Umaji (Shikoku Island) giving students an opportunity to observe a cedar works up close – among other things – while the other takes students to Tokyo for cultural visits and encounters with university art students.

Teacher and student exchange with New York

In collaboration with the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, an exchange program has been set up for students and teachers from Ecole Boulle and from the Art & Design Department at Pratt Institute in New York – one of the preeminent art schools in the United States, recognized for the quality of its interior design program. Students must revisit a “Palimpsest Scenography” to showcase the 20th century collections on display at the Decorative Arts Museum, with transparency as the principal theme.

The results of the team’s work will be featured during an exhibition in Paris. Discovering foreign worlds and learning traditions and techniques from far-off lands are indispensable to any program of humanistic education. Interaction, dialogue and respect for differences lie at the heart of this novel initiative. The quality of work produced by students who participate in these journeys attests to the strength of this partnership, prompting the Foundations to renew their support year after year. The close “Boulle – Rothschild” ties aim to enable artistic crafts and applied arts to flourish
in the contemporary world, both today and tomorrow.

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The partnership established four years ago between Ecole Boulle and the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations to support the cost of the educational trips so essential to a student’s academic and social development is becoming a clear model of excellence and social commitment.