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Girls Write Now - Digital Media Mentoring Program

Girls Write Now is the first organization in the United States to combine mentoring and writing instruction within the context of all-girl programming.

Girls Write Now (GWN) serves as a lifeline for creative and under-challenged young women

Distinguished as one of the top 15 after-school arts and culture programs in the US by First Lady Michelle Obama and the President’s Committee on The arts & Humanities, GWN is NY’s first and only organization with writing and mentoring model for girls.

Girls Write Now is a community of writers with the mission to provide guidance, support, and opportunities for at-risk and underserved girls from New York City’s public high schools to develop their creative, voices, explore careers in professional writing, and learn how to make healthy school, career and life choices.

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations are proud to support an organization that shares their commitment to social empowerment, inclusion and personal growth through collaborative and innovative initiatives.

Digital Media Mentoring Program, an innovating program in collaboration with Parsons University

GWN launched in 2013 a complement to the flagship Mentoring Program, the Digital Media Mentoring Program (DMP) in close partnership with Parsons The New School of Design (Parsons).

This school year, 30 girls (mentees) meet weekly with mentors for 1-3 hours to work on writing, learn relevant digital media or technology tools, and build portfolios – mentors serve as tutors, role models, confidantes, advisors and college counselors. Pairs attend six monthly Dorkshops – digital workshops - to explore new genres and technology tools.

Mentees look for narratives in unlikely places (social media, documentaries), see how different media can shape story, and learn how individual narratives can exist within shared story-forms.

The season focus on breaking down the barriers that prevent female writers and girls from thriving and sharing GWN stories. The project includes:

  • One-to-one mentoring sessions: mentees are matched with a new media writer. The mentor gives the tool to advance the writing skills through digital media;
  • Group dorkshops;
  • Additional Therapy Panel and College Prep Panel services to better meet the specific mentees and mentors troubleshooting documented issues;
  • Digital showcases and exhibitions: digital writer mentees have the opportunity to share their digital project at conferences and exhibitions.

Each mentee is required to complete and download a six-genre writing portfolio by the end of the year that plays the most important role in the evaluation process. The year will culminate in a multi-organization Hack-Jam where mentees will introduce their portfolios, share work, and collaborate with other girls on multimedia narratives deriving from existing work.

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