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Résonnance Orchestra Spain (OSRé)

Résonnance España, classical music available to everyone !

More than 15 years ago, Mrs. Elizabeth Sombart, a famous international pianist, created the Foundation Résonnance in Switzerland. Together with famous musicians and musical experts, she developed the innovative Résonnance pedagogy based on the phenomenology of sound and gesture.

Based in Barcelona, the Asociación Résonnance España, offers free piano lessons and organizes different types of concerts during the year among which “conciertos solidarios” – concerts of the highest quality in centers for people at risk of exclusion followed by interactive workshops with the audience. This combination of concerts and workshops refers to the OSRé activities.

It gives people of all ages the opportunity to experience and enjoy the benefits of live music and thereby encourages thoughtful listening and creative participation. The concerts are given mostly in Spain but also in France, Italy and Switzerland.

The OSRé, a musical bridge between excellence and social impact

OSRé is a unique project in Spain with high cultural and social impact on the communities it targets. Through free concerts, it brings classical music to areas and populations unfamiliar with this genre: social centers, prisons, and elderly homes. Highly qualified musicians who are socially engaged volunteers give the concerts.

Before each concert, musicians tour the site and familiarize themselves with the audience. The volunteer musicians are all either experienced professionals or students from the conservatories about to start their career as professional musicians. The artists exchange with the public – residents and staff – before the concert begins in order to establish a good relationship with the audience.

OSRé also leads interactive workshops that focus on instruction and encourage dialogue between the artists and the audience after each concert.

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations strongly engaged in cultural mediation

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations engage worldwide in promoting the arts as a social empowerment tool. The activities developed by OSRé correspond to the Foundations’ global objectives by harnessing music for personal development and social empowerment.

Audiences who benefit from the free classical concerts regain self-esteem and self-confidence. The impact is strong and the human link is restored almost instantly.