The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations

The Théâtre Forum Meyrin

Located on the outskirts of Geneva, the Forum Meyrin has become one of the region’s major cultural centers through the sophistication, relevance and intelligence of its programs. With great affinity for the Canton of Geneva, the Foundations are proud to sponsor a theater that contributes to the area’s artistic prominence.

Forum Meyrin: artistic excellence and social commitment

The different seasons at Forum Meyrin play out in some 30 performances including theater, dance, circus, classical and contemporary music, each chosen for their artistic quality and place on the international scene. During the school year, families and young spectators have a diverse program of cultural choices designed specifically with them in mind. Young people can also enroll in art classes for a novel educational experience that each week takes them on an exploratory journey into a universe rich with theater, music, movement, writing and plastic arts.

Off the stage, Théâtre Forum Meyrin (TFM) also organizes contemporary art exhibitions. Some of these exhibitions have an interactive side; TFM wants to be part of the life of the city and encourages debate about current social issues. Its artistic approach also includes workshops for schoolchildren and the general public. In a similar vein, it organizes series of conferences as well as encounters with researchers, scholars and thinkers to stimulate discussion and dialogue.

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The Foundations and the Théâtre Forum Meyrin: a successful collaboration

The Foundations are proud to have lent their support to the Forum Meyrin in recent years. Designed to reach a diverse public, the theater’s programs feature quality, a serious social and cultural commitment, and, more generally, a humanistic outlook that is shared by the Foundations. Demonstrating the ability to deliver on its promises of excellence and diversity, the Forum Meyrin has emerged as an ideal partner to the Foundations, which have long sought to develop cultural activities in and around Geneva.

The center hosts renowned international performances and provides close guidance to artistic and community activities in the region. Moreover, it plays an important social and educational role by organizing events (including conferences, scientific discovery luncheons and writing workshops) that involve young people, the elderly and immigrant communities. Through their partnership with the Forum Meyrin, the Foundations have opened the door to bold artistic endeavors marked by social awareness and a strong sense of community.