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The Yannick y Ben Jakober Fundación

One couple’s passion has given rise to a magical and timeless setting on the magnificent island of Majorca, one of the Balearic Islands. Yannick and Ben Jakober created the Fundación Jakober to be a museum – designed by Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy – as well as a library and a center of learning for young people and their families.

A unique artistic concept: Fundación Yannick y Ben Jakober

Facing the Mediterranean Sea, the Museu Sa Bassa Blanca - Fundación Ben y Yannick Jakober offers an exceptional playground of discovery for children and their families in an encounter with art.

The Fundación’s main objectives are the conservation and restoration of Spanish Heritage as well as the promotion of Fine Arts especially through painting and sculpture exhibitions and artistic interchanges.

The Museum, Sa Bassa Blanca, is dedicated to children in Majorca from different ages and origins. There are three exhibition halls:

  • A garden inhabited by strange stone sculptures of animals representing renowned masterpieces, taking visitors on a journey into a world as astonishing as the one of Alice in Wonderland;
  • An extraordinary collection of children’s portraits – the Nins Collection - that offers surprising historical details;
  • A modern showcase for treasures of contemporary art, bringing visitors face to face with the major issues raised by current artistic creation.

These universe and one park to visit as well as artistic workshops have been organized for children to discover and develop their creative skills and critical thinking, with professional artists.

>  Fundación Jakober:

A magical site for young visitors to learn about art

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations continue to support the Museu in its mission. In line with the Fundación’s mission, they believe that art plays a very important role in education and social integration.

The Fundación proposes a free didactic program, using various approaches from which to appreciate art and foment curiosity. Set in a bucolic location, the Museu allow students to focus on art while enjoying nature.

This educational program, specifically designed for young children, foments in students a critical and creative spirit towards art and the world that surrounds them through artistic creation and observation. It also fosters group cohesion and reaches a larger public through family workshops.

Surprise, wonderment and questioning one’s own ideas are an essential part of education in the truest sense.