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Music as a tool for education and common language

Xamfrà is a music and arts center located in the Raval quarter, in central Barcelona. El Raval is a distinctive neighbourhood that comprises a high level of cultural diversity and socioeconomic contrasts. By working towards community development, Xamfrà aims at promoting social cohesion and cultural expression amongst all populations from the Raval. In particular, it focuses on youth empowerment through intercultural connections and music: such tools serve to address violence, and cultural gaps within a large demographic mosaic.

Xamfrà works with a high number of children, teenagers, and adults originating from 24 different countries. They have developed 25 music, theatre and dance workshops and benefit from an extraordinarily professional organization. Teachers work in team, parents and families are involved in the process as much as possible and access is never refused to any kid willing to participate. In this respect , Xamfrà is both an art school and a school of life.

Xamfrà, a music school advocating for social cohesion

The goal of Xamfrà’s pedagogical team is to use music and scenic arts as a link for advocating social cohesion and promoting education. They create an environment where all the participants to the workshops are invited to join in an intercultural community project in which music is used as a common language.
Their ambition is to contribute to improve the kids’ self-esteem, to develop their creativity, but also to raise awareness about their individual responsibility inside the group, in showing them that diversity is an enrichment .
By doing so, art becomes the best way to learn, teach, share and express themselves.

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations support La Colla de Xamfrà

The Colla is a specific program consisting in an instrumental and dance group for underserved kids and teens of the Raval neighborhood in Barcelona. They all attend instrumental or dance workshops throughout the whole academic year in order to prepare pieces to perform during the different music and cultural festival organized in their neighborhood and in the city. All the participants come from very diverse economical and cultural backgrounds, and sometimes lack any kind of sense of belonging to their new community in Raval. Through the program, they learn about the local culture, about how to express their own talent and to enrich their common cultural heritage. The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations share Xamfra’s strong educational engagement and wish to contribute to this innovative project of cultural and intercultural mediation through music. They believe that empowered youth can build a shared future with excitement.