The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations

The School of Philanthropy

The School of Philanthropy is a vote of confidence for the future based on the desire to help today’s youths become informed, active and committed citizens. The School of Philanthropy believes that philanthropy can open minds, bring people together and inspire them to take initiative.

In 2011, the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations launched a pilot version of The School of Philanthropy, together with the Paris-region education authority and the French Ministry of Education. In 2012, it became an independent non-profit organization still in with its founding partners. In 2013, the project was extended to the Val d’Oise region in partnership with the academic authorities and was developed for the first time in two after-school networks : the Môm’artre and the Unionist Scouts’ networks.

The program of The School of Philanthropy

The School of Philanthropy empowers children to be active citizens. It aims to inspire forward thinking, leadership and empathy in tomorrow’s adults. It is a catalyst for children to build a collaborative society through an innovative educational program at school.

The program raises awareness about giving and social challenges among students, aged 9-13. It gives them the tools to understand and act to address the needs of their immediate neighborhood. It develops a philanthropy of proximity.

Everywhere for everyone: a free and universally accessible platform of teaching resources.

Outside of the classroom, The School of Philanthropy offers online theoretical and activity based resources for educators and families.

What's on the horizon

The School of Philanthropy brings together established and future philanthropists, NGOs and foundations, student volunteers and education professionals who share the same passion for education and social engagement.

In three years, the School of Philanthropy has raised the awareness of more than 1,300 young people in France thanks to the involvement of 50 teachers and organizers, enabling the support of thirty non-profit organisations and promoting exchanges between young people and philanthropists.

This is just the beginning. "We all have the power to help."

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When the buzz goes around on ethics at school, responsible citizenship, the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations innovate in terms of philanthropic education by creating an avant-gardist association: “L’Ecole de la Philanthropie”. This program aims at educating children in the last two years of primary school on philanthropy and today’s social challenges.
"I cannot wait to do the project again because you learn much and it makes you want to continue being a philanthropist all your life”. Alexandra, pupil at the Daumesnil school (12th arrondissement of Paris), is one of 600 children who participated in the program of the School of Philanthropy this year. 9 months of adventure experiencing philanthropy which ended up nicely with the ‘Philanthropy Day’.
Take a sheet of paper, a pencil and… draw. Anyone can do it, but in the space of three days this seemingly harmless everyday act has come to represent a wake-up call for our republican values.