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Three Faiths Forum

The Three Faiths Forum was founded in London in 1997 by Sir Sigmund Sternberg, Reverend Dr. Marcus Braybrooke and Sheikh Dr. MA Zaki Badawi. The purpose of this association is to develop new methods to facilitate dialogue and promote exchange among the three major monotheistic faiths and their communities. It organizes seminars and develops innovative educational programs.

A grass-roots initiative combining theory and practice to promote intercultural dialogue

The Three Faiths Forum was born of a common vision held by three men of different faiths. Their vision led them to create an organization where theory and research are combined with grass-roots educational programs to encourage dialogue among their three communities and, in broader terms, facilitate a world of peace.

Today the association develops three key areas of expertise in the United Kingdom: educational programs to enable students to discover different religions and talk about them openly at school with their classmates and teachers with the support of professional facilitators; a mentoring program to create links between British parliamentarians and students from various religious backgrounds, with a focus on “empowerment projects” aiming to increase political participation and social responsibility; and, lastly, projects that bring together students of economics and prestigious mentors from the business world in a continued effort to move intercultural dialogue into a new and important sphere today.

The core mission of the Three Faiths Forum is to facilitate dialogue. Workshops in schools represent the Forum’s most important programs. The innovative methodology it has developed makes it possible to address even the most difficult and controversial issues with young people. Teachers and their students are given simple, effective guidelines to enable dialogue and learn to respect and listen to other people’s viewpoints. The Forum has established a strong network of schools and facilitators in London and successfully organizes a number of workshops. Its tried-and-true method is the fruit of extensive experience and fieldwork.

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Going one step further: partnership with the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations bolsters the educational workshops program

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations wished to support the Three Faiths Forum through the educational programs and events they organize in London’s schools. The Foundations’ support will allow the Forum to hold workshops more often, year-round, in eight schools selected to take part in this pilot program. This new model will make it possible to evaluate the impact of a more intensive program offering valuable training for teachers and giving students several opportunities during the school year to talk about issues related to intercultural dialogue.

Thanks to this pilot program, the association will be able to improve its methods, explore topics in greater detail and organize in-depth projects in the classroom. This approach will make a more lasting impact on students, who will be better able to assimilate what they have learned. Teachers will also have the opportunity to include this work in their lessons so that intercultural dialogue will become part of the school curriculum and may be reproduced in other settings.

The Foundations are firmly convinced that intercultural dialogue must be encouraged from a very young age and constitute an integral part of education. In a world of multiple identities, it is vital for individuals to understand and respect one another.