The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations

The As’trame Foundation provides specialized psychosocial and non-medical support for any individual who is affected by a form of link breakage (bereavement, divorce, sickness, etc.) through a methodology known as Reliance. When not treated adequately, link breakages threaten the balance of families and individuals, particularly children. To cope with this challenge, As’trame has developed two complementary tools.

For families: specialized therapy last six weeks and consists of preliminary interviews with children and psychological counseling through five specific steps. For professionals: expertise through mentoring and paid-for training programs.

From counseling to social entrepreneurship

The Reliance process has yielded promising empirical results. This innovative approach can provide a breakthrough treatment for broken links. The model now needs to develop its financial autonomy and reinforce its medico-social groundings. The Foundations and As’trame have decided to work as partners to develop an effective entrepreneurial model around this vital counseling process.

This partnership will enable As’trame to:

•  conduct an impact study to strengthen the scientific significance of the
•  build stronger relationships with insurance companies and health
   organizations to promote the recognition and support of the Reliance
   methodology. In 2010, thanks to As’trame’s efforts, complementary
   insurance companies agreed to reimburse the cost of services provided
   by two of its psychologists;
•  develop paid-for training programs for health professionals and the
   private sector.

Making a strong social impact

As’trame has a three-fold social impact:

•  on people, by improving mental and physical aptitudes;
•  on society, by promoting openness and interpersonal relationships;
•  on health care costs, by preventing complications that can lead to long and costly treatment.

In 2010, As’trame organized 16 days of training for healthcare professionals.

2,000 people have benefitted from As’trame’s support in ten years.

Going beyond financial support: a true partnership with the Foundations

The partnership with As’trame illustrates the role the Foundations wish to play: identifying high-potential projects and working with the partner organization to develop a sustainable model. Thus, the Foundations support the ambition of Reliance to become a legitimate and effective solution, in particular to help children overcome family difficulties.

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