The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations

Social Entrepreneurship

Economic tensions and social challenges are on the rise, yet government funding and philanthropy cannot address them alone. The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations thus decided to focus on social entrepreneurship as a pragmatic solution for growing difficulties facing societies today, whether in India, the United States or France. Job insecurity, excessive debt, poverty, exclusion and unemployment are extremely serious challenges that each of us must help combat, and against which the power of public authorities is proving insufficient.

Social entrepreneurs seek to maximize social impact through innovation, efficiency and generating income to cover, either fully or partially, their costs. Our Foundations support them by providing financial assistance, training and personalized coaching. Our goal is to give them the strategic tools and rigorous methods they need to significantly increase their impact and ensure the financial sustainability of their businesses.

We support these entrepreneurs from the design phase to drafting a business plan, from strategic planning to the launch of a pilot program, from business development to scale-up. To ensure our support will be more effective, we rely on our partners in academia, sector experts and talent incubators.

We take particular interest in initiatives that combine innovation with harnessing technology to make optimal use of natural resources in order to provide fragile populations with better living conditions.

By highlighting the common threads running through our various projects, we seek to create synergies and develop an international network of social entrepreneurs. We are thus able to contribute to making this sector, which is currently undergoing rapid expansion across the globe, increasingly professional.

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