The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations

Réseau Môm'artre

The Môm’artre network offers flexible and local child care services after school, all day Wednesday (a day off in France’s primary school system) and during school holidays. After school and before dinner at home with their families, kids at Môm’artre enjoy their end-of-day activities like snack time and homework in a welcoming environment with volunteers. The six- to eight-week art workshops offered are a core part of Môm’artre’s program: in addition to flexible child care, the program is dedicated to children’s personal development.

Social results at every level

The child care solutions at Môm’artre reflect a commitment to education, both in the importance given to every-day activities (outings, snack time, homework) and in the arts and crafts activities organized at the center, through which children can cultivate independence and an interest in teamwork and accomplishment.

Môm’artre also provides a solution to a lack of comprehensive child care options, particularly for single parent families. Pricing and opening hours at the center promote equal access for women to employment opportunities and give all families a helping hand.

Môm’artre centers work with schools, artists, families, and local cultural and sports organizations to become a positive presence in the community and contribute to social diversity and cohesion while creating local jobs.

A sustainable model for increased impact

The success of Môm’artre’s first center in Paris led to the creation of a network of new locations. The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations have teamed up with Môm’artre to open a new center in Arles. Môm’Arles will work to develop close, pertinent ties with the community. Projects will focus, for example, on environmental issues and photography – Arles is home to the country’s top photography school and the famous Rencontres d’Arles photography festival. Môm’Arles will also adapt its services to local needs by welcoming children from Arles as well as those of the many tourists who visit the city every summer.

The long-term objective of this partnership is to enhance the financial sustainability of Môm’Arles to ensure the longevity of this highly beneficial program. A successful business model can be applied to larger-scale initiatives offering an original and flexible solution to the lack of child care options.